Elenus Laser Hair Growth Cap

Elenus Laser Hair Growth Cap is a convenient and comfortable product, with laser hair growth technology. This product is especially for people who want to grow their hair seating at their homes. This devices reduces hair fall and helps in the growth of hair. This directly works on the root to make hair strong.

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Elenus Laser Hair Growth Cap

Laser hair cap is very light weight and easily fit able to adjust in any cap. The laser hair cap works with timer which shuts off working after 30 minutes. One can use laser hair cap easily anywhere like – at home, while driving, watching TV, or even on a jog. Easily wearable under any hat for every other day or as prescribed by doctor.

Quick Details:

Laser colour


Laser Material

Semiconductor Laser Diode

Quantity of Laser Diode

280 diodes

Output Power

DC 5.0V 2.1A MAX


Hair-Loss Prevention

Age Group





Hair Growth





Advantages Of Elenus Laser Hair Cap

  • Laser hair cap has the best LLLT Technology.
  • It is easily usable at home while sitting or walking anything and while driving or going out.
  • This laser cap is very easy to use and a portable device.
  • This machine fits in almost every cap and is completely hand free
  • This cap helps in reversing hair loss and is very effective for alopecia area and thinning hair
  • This cap can be easily used with other therapy
  • This cap is absolutely clean, it doesn’t wet the hair and doesn’t lead any dirtiness in the hair during use.
  • This cap is a quick method and easy to wear
  • The use of this cap is non – invasive and non – pharmaceutical

Why should one buy the laser hair cap?

The laser hair cap is answers to all your hair problem as its helps in reducing hair loss, re growth of hair and make your hair healthy and beautiful from roots.

Recommended time for use of laser hair cap

You have to wear it inside the cap than plug in the device with battery switch it on and after 30 minutes, the device will goes off automatically. This will help you in hair growth.

Results from Elenus Laser Hair Growth Cap

Elenus Laser Hair Cap works in the deep layer of skin. Changes of growth will start with hair shaft and after 4 – 6 month it will be noticeable easily. Hair growth will be seen according to hair condition also but in 5 months visual changes will be noticed.

Any Side Effects of Elenus Laser Hair Cap?

This laser hair cap is only for people above 18yrs, people less than 18 yrs. are not recommended to try this cap. Currently, there are no side effects of laser hair have been noticed. FDA approved this cap after many tests. The laser hair cap is absolutely safe and effective for hair growth and in reduction of hair loss.

Elenus Laser Hair Cap, use at Home?

Elenus Laser Hair Cap is specially designed according to wear at home comfortably. One can wear it and do all the daily routine work, even it is jogging or driving, this is comfortable for all works.

Effect of Laser Hair Cap on Hair Growth

Laser Hair Cap has laser light of low intensity, about 650nm. This laser light speeds up the metabolic exchange and circulation of blood in hair follicles which leads to hair growth.


Product Name:

Diode laser:



 Total energy:



Charger Output Voltage:

Battery Output voltage:

 Output Current:

Laser Hair Growth Cap










Result of Laser Hair Cap

  • Hair growth
  • Hair restoration
  • Anti-hair loss

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) helps hair follicles to stimulate from dry to active status which leads to reduce hair loss in Telogen, which achieve the result of reduced hair loss and re growth of hair.

Shipping Facilities

Shipping facilities are available in all the countries. Shipping charges will be standards as per the country custom charges.

This device stands on medical terms and is tested and FDA approved, so don’t think much and buy this product now and take one step towards beautiful and thick hair

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Advantages Of Elenus Laser Hair Cap


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