Elenus Magic Mirror Skin Analyzer

Elenus Magic Mirror plus Skin Analyser is the most advanced device which analysis the skin problems that are even in the deepest layer of the skin. It stores all the data from the first log- in and saves all data even for before and after. It shows the treatment according to the skin condition.

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  • Elenus Magic Mirror Analyzer
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Elenus Magic Mirror Face Analyser

Magic Mirror plus skin analyser is the latest technology and non – invasive machine, that is absolutely safe for use. This machine analysis the skin from the deepest layer and give a visual result of issues in the skin and also their treatments. This is the most advanced technology to analyse the skin problem and treat the issue from the root.

Advantages of the magic mirror plus skin analyser

  1. The Facial image capturing with the help of digital radiation
  2. Automated dual image capture, safe UV shooting
  3. Image functions are reusable
  4. Automatic skin problems detection
  5. Complete analysis of the whole face from the forehead left-to-right contour
  6. Complete-face analysis
  7. Partition of Facial parts
  8. Automatic face bounding, the facial area will be zoomed to observe their status
  9. Analysis of Skin conditions
  10. UV damage
  11. Wrinkle detection
  12. Spot distribution
  13. Moisture Analysis of facial skin
  14. Area calculation and dimensional measurements of skin area


  • The analysis of absorbed RGB/UV/PL optical
  • This skin analyzer machine has unique RGB
  • Light and UV light are PL polarized
  • Unique moisture detective function
  • Can detect location Automatically
  • Male and female photos index and Analysis index. Due to special controlling changer system, resulting in no loss of RGB high rigor camera PL high rigor and high rigor UV photography
  • Taking photo, delivering and analysis all will be done at a time.

Test Under This Machine

  • RGB spots on skin
  • RGB open pores
  • RGB rough skin
  • RGB wrinkles on skin
  • UV acne scars
  • UV spots on skin
  • Skin moisture
  • Skin speckle
  • All the skin property

With magic mirror plus skin analyser one can:

  1. Easily display the exact skin condition and develop more essential treatment programs.
  2. To show the improvements quickly about both before and after skin treatment, can track treatment effects and outcomes adequately over time.
  3. One can test the quality of cosmetics of SPF and PA++ quickly by UV progress.

Finding damaging of the UV skin

  • This machine captures the facial image to show a full range of multi-angle light collected on the skin surface like – damage or UV sunburn
  • Calculation of the skin Type on the face area

Easily comparative for before and after treatment

Shipping Facilities

Shipping facilities are available in all the countries. Shipping charges will be standards as per countries custom charges.

This machine is a perfect solution if you want a perfect glowing and beautiful skin. This machine detects deep skin problems and gave a perfect treatment for your skin conditions.

Don’t let the machine go off your hands. Order today to get a flawless and ravishing look.

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